Force on loop within loop and pressure to give power with a 5 mm reaction tube.
Ampere turns
Permeability free space
Length of winding is l (40mm)
RMS current = 0.707 x Peak Current
Graph of central force this equation did not work so I deleted it.
Force (Newtons)
Pressure in pascals
Power=0.5 x volume m^3 x100^3 x (Pressure (Pa) /1000)^2
There is an exponential function
here missing relaring to temperature but I put t=0K
I worked out the pressure to make the nuclei close enough for fusion previosly.
Volts Per Meter
The ion compressor coil generates an alternating potential at 48 Hz along the tube through
the coil (It contains deuterium) and a little ionisation occurs, the circlating alternating current
induces an antiparallel alternating current in this ionised gas. Unlike currents repel so the
ionised gas is compressed to make the deuterons close enough together to undergo fusion
to make helium and a neutron. This heats the gas that expands through the magnetic field
of the ion compressor inducing more current. An inductively linked output winding sends
electrical power to an expernal load.